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              Bamboo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is located in Shangyu National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou Bay. It is a new, innovative, green, high-grade pharmaceutical intermediate, API and oral solid formulation pharmaceutical manufacturer which was established in 2020. Our company covers an area of nearly 100 Mu and the plant area is 80,000 square meters. It has eight chemical synthesis workshops, each of which is 6000m2; it can accommodate nearly 400 reactors of various types, with a total reaction volume of up to 2000 m3; it has an oral solid preparation workshop with four floors of 8000m2, which can produce oral tablets and capsules annually Up to 5 billion pieces; own an 8000m2 comprehensive solid warehouse, etc. The allowed reaction types are: substitution, condensation, oxidation, catalytic hydrogenation, chlorination, amination, etc.

              Management Philosophy

              Focusing closely on the "market-centered" and always sticking to the eight-character guideline of "Safety, Environmental protection, Quality, and Innovation"

              Safe Production

              Nothing is more important than safety, and the foundation of intrinsically safe factory.

              Environmental Protection

              Focused on original control and end treatment, relying on process technology, re-emphasizing cleaner production,energy saving..

              Quality System

              The company follows concept of quality by design ,From the comprehensive consideration of product technology development, research, process design..

              Sales department contact information:
              Manufacturing address:
              No. 9, Jing 13 Road, Hangzhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province,China
              Tel: +86-13967123387,13588080268
              Sales office address:No.288,shixin south Road,xiaoshan,Hangzhou,Zhejiang
              Copyright(C)2020, Zhejiang bamboo pharmaceuticals co.,ltd All Rights Reserved. Supported by  ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle
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